WIP Map Thread


This is the thread for all the maps you're still working on and want to share with AH.COM.

Here's mine:

Here's a map I've been working on for a while. It's based off the American-German Cold War scenario on the AltHistory Wiki. I'm changing some details from the original.

German-American Cold War.png


I have a ton of these, but here's a recent Oneshot I'm focusing on:

(I've shared this before on the AH.com Discord, so if anyone's on there it may look familiar)

werld mep - Copy (2).png
A further WIP of the map I started to show yesterday in the normal Map Thread. For identifying nations, mind the colours on TOASTER...

Anyone can still hazard guesses, ask questions, comment on it, and point out criticism and gross ASBs! Everything welcome!
I didn't strive for utmost plausibility here, so if something is a bit implausible, that could well be.

Also, I have a question myself: How do you deal with puppet states on a QBAM? 1-pixel outline like on Worlda?

Operation Cult of Reason.png


Well, here's a WIP of what I consider to be ideal borders of Europe (plus the ideal borders of some countries' subdivisions). Still not finished yet:
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Much harsher terms on the Central Powers after Russia, somehow, managed to stabilize itself and inflict major losses on the Germany military, eventually pushing them back out of Poland.


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I've been working on this for over a week. Not because it's special, but because I only do it when I'm bored. POD is a CP victory in WWI, current year will be 2017 when finished. Haven't touched a lot of it yet.