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As we understand, environmentalist parties play a more significant role in politics in TTL. I'm just wondering how that works, are there different green parties competing against each other with somewhat different agendas? Can we see some examples of it sometime later on?
Also, this OTL reel seems to remind me of TTL US...
Also, this OTL reel seems to remind me of TTL US...
Well TTL America plays up/looks into OTL flaws to a degree.
Japan introbox; 2022 Japanese general election; Prefectures of Japan
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What are the ideologies of the Japanese parties?

Now this is a bit complicated. The political factions aren't parties persay, but like minded people united under an informal banner. Nevertheless, I shall try to explain it and use the closest irl counterpart.

Modern Democracy: "Moderate" Revolutionary faction. Primarily composed of dissidents and those who wanted to work in the system to change it. Politicians can be politically centre right to left wing. CDP.

Election League: Shōwa-era reactionaries who want to undo the progress made with the recent revolution. Generally against Democracy. They have an internal faction of conservatives. Nippon Kaigi.

Future Choice: Forward looking democrats that generally have a focus on making the new government system work, and preserving the state from undemocratic attacks. Fiscally moderate. Moderate Faction of the LDP.

Stability Faction: The party of business and corporations. Think of it as a neoliberal party that's a bit more controlled by the companies themselves. Ishin no Kai.

Imperial Army Conference: Party that explicitly advances the policies of the IJA. No irl counterpart.

Family Discussion: Socially conservative right-wing family values party. LDP.

Left Revolutionary Alliance: The most radical of the "Democracy Coalition", it's an explicitly anti-capitalist party that seeks collective solutions to problems. JCP.

Two Peoples of Japan: Korean interests party dominated by the Middle and upper classes. Primary goal is to seek political participation by Koreans in national affairs. Not a minority party. No irl counterpart.

Middle Voice: a faction of centrist politicians who seek consensus on important issues, and stress continued discussion on affairs instead of outright rejection. Moderate LDP.

Japan Naval Alliance: Advances the policies of the Imperial Japanese Navy. No real-life counterpart.

Military Voice: Obstensibly a party that advocates for the general military overall, but instead acts as a personality party.

How is the good ole' US of A doing lately?

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It's really cool to get a look into the day-to-day aspects of America's culture. Ttl Americans seem pretty friendly based on the shaking hands, making small talk with strangers, and regularly giving people little gifts (the last one actually sounds really cute ). Although I want to ask, are the things about not giving people cash and not taking pictures due to laws or are they just weird cultural taboos?