These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

A country doesn't need foreign intervention to disintegrate into smaller countries.
Why would the US disintegrate? Pre-Hogan, the DSU was widely acknowledged as corrupt and authoritarian, but the state autarchic system was keeping millions of coal miners and other workers from the ravages of the free market. Not only this, but many groups, like Natives, bureaucrats, and even many average workers genuinely believed in the Union's mission. The US only exploded into conflict after years of Hogan's privatization efforts, and while the Caribbean remains independent, the American mainland is now firmly under his control.
Balochistan; Deparments of Balochistan

Interesting, how have the Balochis managed to demographically dominate the Sindhis, who in OTL are far more numerous?
The khairpur Sindhis aren't a part of ittl Balochistan,so that's a reduction of number of Sindhis within its borders at least.


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No, list of monarchs is the following:
Edward VII - 1901-1910
Edward VIII - 1910-1919 (OTL Prince Albert Victor)
George V - 1919-1931
Edward IX - 1931-1934 (OTL Edward VIII)
George VI - 1934-1952
Elizabeth II - 1952-2022
Edward X - 2022-present (OTL Charles III)

It's in the discord server

I’m curious about who Albert Victor (Edward VIII) married ITTL. Assuming George V married Mary of Teck. Did Edward IX marry?

Now the fact that Edward X took the name Edward suggests there was no abdication crisis… but I’m surprised he didn’t taken the name George VII
Even if Albert Victor had married someone he was infertile

Edward X took the name Edward suggests there was no abdication crisis
There was no abdication crisis. Edward X died in the Great Continental War

Quite frankly there are lot of things that is missing in this thread that are on the TFS discord.
Like how the UK is actually a hilariously corrupt one-party state
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