These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

Is Texas malapportioned or are our cities that much smaller?
Most of American industry and manufacturing is concentrated along the Mississippi river ITTL. With westward expansion somewhat tamed Texas likely didn't experience the same kind of population boom it had OTL.
Apologies if this is nagging at all, but is this thread still active? There haven’t been any messages or updates since July 4th. Again, apologies if this is nagging or if I’ve missed something obvious or if I’m just an idiot, I’m just wondering
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New England Decides 2022: (27-Jun-2022)
When all is said and done, and if it isn't too much effort (and I know that it will involve extensive effort), I'd love to see an infobox detailing the Anglo-American conflict in it's entirety. What a fascinating universe you've crafted here, I just want to know everything!
I second this. That conflict looks very interesting and I'd love to know more