These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

That map is straight up just this koppen climate 2071-2100 projection that has just been like, reprojected with minor coastline changes. (

This is incorrect. There are quite a few differences in this map versus the one you posted. Notably in Poland, Czechia, the Carpathian Basin, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, and the Kuban. Less noticeable are spots in Italy, the coastal Balkans, the Pyrenees, and the Alps. That map was indeed a helpful start, but it is hardly a carbon copy.

I know this project has a more global focus, but has there ever been a list of New England's Prime Minister's posted?

There has not! I do have it on my list of things to do...

And air conditioning is just adding to the problem, isn't it?

Absolutely it is, yeah
artificialCartographer: QBAM map of Germany
TFS germany details.png

QBAM-scale cover of TTL germany, featuring a couple of dialect-specific names to boot
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"Japanese state is terminating benefit payments" - what on Earth is going on here?
Many thousands of people are going to either (A) become dependent on charity, (B) be forced into massive amounts of debt, including possibly predatory lending*, (C) turn to crime*, (D) become homeless, or (E) die as a result of this policy.

*I wouldn't be surprised if the yakuza will seek to benefit as a result of this