These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

Provinces of the Republic of Argentina
You should have been on the discord. We watched it unfold.
Absolutely, I've been reading through the message history in the main channel for the past few hours. I hadn't checked it since mid-January so there was a lot to get through beforehand, although I will say having more context for the timeline is always nice. Loved the map showing the much larger Native American population in the US, for example. The highly technical discussions are interesting as well—I'm no expert in stuff like rail gauges, but I liked reading the detailed posts about the United States' options for financing its postwar reconstruction and integrating into the global economy. Some of that analysis may be obsoleted by the crisis that's engulfed the British Empire allowing the Americans to pick up the pieces and start attracting French and Russian investment without facing a British economic blockade as some posters had theorized.