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What are the other countries on the Australian contienent?
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Quite a few, although judging from the spelling only Australia, Westralia, and Darwin are the White-Majority nations. The rest are aboriginal.
So is ttls Australia actually all separate countries or "separate" like native countries are in the usa otl, or much looser federation?

Westralia is the only white-majority country on the continent. Darwin and Australia are dominions of the British Empire. All of the Aboriginal countries in Australia are... technically independent, fully and completely. The British Empire just has a series of treaties with them that more or less prevent international relations and diplomatic affairs. However, it's not that large of an issue, and for the most part are completely left alone, most of their trade is with Darwin and Australia. The Gunwinyguan Confederacy and Yolngu are generally the most independent of them all, as they do have international relations.

Why did Bonaparte families set sail back to Europe?
Did Russian Empire goes against Britain? How did the Imperial Duma handle with tense relations?
What’s going on with the Prussian authorities dealing with war criminals?

- Bonaparte wants to rule France.
- The Russian Empire generally opposed the British.
- Germany is dealing with them, not Prussia.

Those landlocked Australian states look way too economically unviable.

Luckily they have been existing like that for around 50,000 years - so they'll continue to bump along.

*not really since there wasn't a first 100 days ittl but it still counts

Memeposting aside, stellar work as always! Nice to see a non-Empire based perspective on things for once.

EDIT to point out my favorite part of this article

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Thank you!! I was hoping someone noticed that part of the article.

Expect more non-Imperial sources in the future.

What kind of newspaper is "Russian Word" supposed to be? It seems to take on a very anti-British slant, which would contradict the Russian Ministry's statement on Contractr if it were a national broadcaster akin to BBC.

The Russian Empire has complete freedom of the press. Russian Word is not affiliated with the government at all.

How Biggly do the French like Napoleon Trumperpart?

Napoleon is believed to be highly popular in France.
I can honestly say that I haven't been this excited about a TL graphic in some while.

It's intriguing that a Russian newspaper would call the Anglo-American War "imperialist" despite itself residing within an empire, going so far as to rebuke the Russian government's position of supporting the British against the U.S. How does Russia see itself as a nation, both domestically and in relation to the international community? Has it ever had a reckoning concerning its history of conquest and expansion against Asiatic peoples?

Thank you!!!

Since Russia has press freedom, they can pretty much print whatever the hell they want. This is just the viewpoint of a single newspaper/editorial board. As for a reckoning... there has been no such movement within the Russian Empire. However, the delicate balance in Central Asia remains as it was during its initial conquest, and have generally been given more leeway -- as well as having a separate judicial system from the rest of the Russian Empire.

Well, vive l'empereur !
Who is currently in charge in France and which superpower are they aligned with?
How determined is the British establishment to go to war with France in the event of an Imperial Restoration?
Thank you very much for your work, it is always a pleasure to read your many quality articles and infoboxes !

- France is pretty much isolated and on its own. This is by design.
- The British establishment? They'd absolutly drag their feet and would have no intention of getting bogged down in another war. The Imperial establishment? That's a different story...
- Thank you!! I am glad you enjoy reading it :coldsweat:

Imperialism doesn't require having an Empire. Perhaps this is a kinder, gentler Russia that has decried running around and invading people.

...I mean, stranger things have to have happened, right?

Eh.... not entirelly. In reality, the Soviet Union also denounced the United States and the west as Imperalists.

IIRC, isn't Russia supposed to be one of the most liberal states ITTL?

Of course, that doesn't mean that it can't be a 363kg* gorilla.

*about 800lb

It is generally speaking very liberal.

It certainly seems to be high on freedom index, if we believe that sidebar headline

If you can believe it ;)

Or the British Empire is the inevitable realpolitik enemy of Russia, and it doesn't actually matter what kind of government either superpower has.

This is more or less the case. The two superpowers have significant geopolitical reasons to dislike each other, and there would be tensions between the two, have been for nearly 200 years, and it's not going to stop now, especially with Russia on the continued rise.

I mean, whether Russia is actually imperialist or not is not that relevant to criticizing Britain for imperialism.

It changed whether they are hypocritical or not but isn't that big of a deal.

The thing is Russia is literally officially called "The Russian Empire", they have an Emperor and everything.
When you are openly and proudly Imperial using "imperialist" in the negative context seems a bit weird.

Indeed, it doesn't matter what Russia is, they can still call the British whatever the hell they want.

That being said, it may be the Russian Empire, sure. But the connotation used in that article was not against the imperial structure of government, but the expansion of political/military control in an imperalist fashion. It's pretty much a fine line they are walking, and requires some suspension of reality in the minds of most Russian readers, but generally, the Russian Empire is good, the British are bad. That's generally the mindset.

Maybe Russian Word here is supposed to be a bit on the fringe?

It is a privately owned and operated newspaper out of St. Petersburg. That's all I'll say!

Or that they don't percieve themselves as imperialistic, but do see their geopolitical rivals that way- how many OTL Americans see their country's actions in those terms, for example?


Glorious work as always!! Super jealous of the sheer scale and quality of your work :love:

I am absolutely fascinated by the nations of the Australian continent. I imagine you're going to flesh them out in due course, but looking at the WorldA ths internal borders of Australia look complicated. What's going on with Darwin (what's it like?) and the Paman Settlements (why is it separate to Australia?). Also, has there every been an Indigenous Australian equivalent to the OTL Maori King Movement?

Thank you!!

Oh yes of course. I shall go into much more detail about the Australian continent in due time. Darwin is a densly populated port city, that is primarily focused on being the east-west link between Africa/West Asia and the Pacific. It's population reflects its extremely international position. The Paman Settlements are governed by a separate treaty, and thus are wholly independent from Australia, and that country cannot influence them outside of regular Imperial affairs.

As for any Māori King Movement equivelents... the indigenous Australians inside the (country of) Australia still have their own polieties that operate within the framework of the country. I will have much more on this soon...

@CosmicAsh -- this just came to me. It's a slightly random question, but... when did Alexander Hamilton die ITTL? It seems safe to assume that his bid for governor of New York was butterflied, what with him being too busy being founding father and patron saint of the USA, so Aaron Burr wouldn't have shot him.

For how long did he rule?

Alexander Hamilton died in 1825. He remained on the Privy Council until his death.

Is Prussia pro-Bonaparte or is it just this newspaper?

Only time will tell...

But Russia is also very anti-Britain, and since Britain is anti-Bonaparte, it seems like the anti-britainness matters more, from the tone of the russian reporting on the attempt on Bonapart's life

I would say... this is the correct tone to read.

My guess is that it would resemble American pop culture from Rumsfeldia, with all literature, comics, movies, television programs, and music geared towards pushing "true American" values.

While I generally do not work on culture - I would absolutely say that this is the case.

What's going on with that big lake west of Tache? It's too big and far north to be the Salton Sea (and that seems to be missing itself, which makes sense).

EDIT: Nvm, looked it up. It's interesting that it still exists ITTL - is there just less agriculture in the Central Valley to divert water?

There's not as much agriculture, yes - as well as a concentrated effort to make sure the lake levels don't get too low, it's a valuable economic source in its own right.

And VOCA was also involved in voter intimidation as well as you can see in the controversies segment of the wiki.

Every one of the controversies section dealt with VOCA, yeah.
What's the ideology behind the five Californian parties? How is the balance of power between Presidency and Cortes Generales in TTL California compared to OTL US?
How many inhabitants does California have compared to OTL? 106 congressmen seem very few.
How much power do departments and provinces have? Is there a municipal level below provinces?
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Is voting compulsory in California?

How goes it on a list of US presidents? So far we know Alexander Hamilton and George Clinton, but who else before the office's untimely abolishment by President-Chairman Hogan?
Administrative Divisions of the British Empire


Author's Note: The flags of the Gold Coast and Uluguru were made by members of the discord server. Finally catching up with some work... I should be able to respond to questions here shortly!!
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I think they were actually taken after the Great Continental War.
Were they? The wikipedia article for France still showed Corsica as part of the metropole, and that was before the ITL Napoleonic fracas. The lack of a local flag and representation also suggests that this annexation is a recent development.