These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

Would somebody please point me towards the details about the coup against Hogan? I seem to have missed them, were they in a tweet I skimmed over? Or are we relying on ITTL USA-Kremlinologists (Whitehouseologists? Capitologists?) so the info is coming out as a trickle?
What happened to the following people?:
Gina Raimondo
John Flansburgh
John Linnell
Phil Scott
Brad Delp
Rod Stewart
John Baptiste
Boris Johnson
Mick Fleetwood
Gwenyth Paltrow
Bill Bradley
Aziz Ansari
Michael Sheen
John Barrowman
Tom Baker
Bradley Cooper
Howard Dean
Joe Mantegna
Theresa May
David Cameron
Tony Blair
Gordon Brown
Paula Deen
Blair Underwood
Bill Gates
Adam West
David Beckham
Taye Diggs
Norah O'Donnell
Marco Rubio
Powers Boothe
Maddie Blaustein
George Lucas
Harrison Ford
William S. Cohen
Stephen King
Billy Joel
Keith David
Kath Soucie
Steve Wilkos
Samuel Goldwyn
Bryan Cranston
Nicholas Cage
Whatever happened to Hasbro ITTL?
For that matter whatever happened to Milton Bradley ITTL?
Does New England have a state run broadcast network and if so what Ministry's responsibility is it?
Who is the Minister of Defence of New England ITTL?
Does Microsoft exist ITTL?
Is Connectr really owned by the British government?
What are some popular memes ITTL? Actually, I'd like to see an overview of "meme culture" ITTL.
I wonder how politics is approached on the Internet ITTL?
What is the state of censorship in New England ITTL?
Whatever happened to Stanley Tools ITTL?
Is Procter & Gamble a thing ITTL?
What are the most popular brands of diapers/nappies in New England ITTL?
Are police procedurals a thing in New England ITTL?
How are LGBT rights ITTL worldwide?
What was the first movie ITTL?
Does New England even have film & TV production ITTL? I would think that a lack of warm places to film year-round would hamper that but Canada manages IOTL.
What would New England accents sound like ITTL?
Is Nelvana a thing ITTL?
Is Subway a thing ITTL?
You so this in a lot of timelines (including one of my own), and frankly, it's....well, annoying. From the perspective of just reading the timeline alone, it comes across as overkill. Some of these questions border on trolling. What is the most popular brand of diapers in New England? I mean....really?
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The people protesting here in support of that country where folks can't spell right (View attachment 657855) tried to ban Pathe(<the most based form of animation) like a few years ago...
Fvck this... I back the Empire View attachment 657853, for the sake of my waifu. Recolonisation when?
(pls don't report me... :'()
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Even more cringe weebposting from my alternate universe self LOL

(and note: that map of China is from a different project of mine... so excuse me)
Amazing to know that based is still a word in this timeline.
Welcome back! Thank you!!

I will keep that in mind, and retreat to do more research on the topic.
Yea it’s a pretty minor, I only noticed cause I’m from the state and have my own project where Charleston stays the capital. There were two forts in the area and there was some European settlement but it’d be nothing near the size it is today and likely be called something like Fort Congaree, Congaree, or soemthing like that
One very important question: Does House of Cards exist ITTL, is Michael Richardson still the star, and would he be gunning to be PM or Lord President of the Empire? I imagine that the conflict between the two offices could be an important plot point, possibly replacing the "To play the King" series.
Actually, how is Imperial public opinion on the monarchy? I imagine people would be rather more socially conservative about them, akin to the sort of 50s quasi respect/deference attitude. Certainly nothing like the Diana or Megan circuses springing up.
- I don't know if you'll truly be ready
I am very very ready. It does seem that there is a lot more going on, with the small cracks of a possible constitutional crisis between the Lord President and the Prime Minister slowly showing.
Also, what do people call this war? The BBC refers to it as just the American War, but how would historiographers of ITTL's future label the conflict?
- The Spanish government probably did not have any control in the attacks, it was an independent militia. But how sure can anyone be, really?
Huh. What type of government does Spain have, exactly? And why would it have an independent militia/s run amok?
- Mostly rural Kentucky.
- Connectr is British, yeah. Texas... has maybe broken free. Stay tuned.
What's the significance of rural Kentucky being Hogan's holdout? Is it just that it's the place farthest away from any major urban centers (which I presume are the backbone of CPO officers) that's also close to Cincinnati?
Does Britain own most of the social media? Or is it that each country has its own social media regulated by its own laws?
I do hope that Texas can at least hold on its own long enough that Empire would re-recognize them, even if at a smaller capacity
- The "we've been attacked" high is starting to wear off, for one. Revenge is still pretty much expected, but not everywhere is enthusiastic about the fight.
- Ah, I am glad someone noticed! This is a developing story...
- There are several pieces of information scattered that should give a general indication of the intents of the Emperor.
What do the citizens want at this point? The American military is in shambles (or at least, cannot really threaten anyone outside of their own borders), and the border is mostly secure. I imagine that many are secretly thinking of ending this whole affair now to focus on rebuilding.
I'm thinking now, that, in the thick of the Anglo-American War, that Niassa decided to invade, hoping no one would mind. From the wording, it did seem that Niassa considers Kafuestroom its own territory.
I'm afraid I haven't picked up on those pieces. My guess is that Napoleon doesn't want to be a part of the mess that would be rebuilding Louisiana? And instead, just retire in some mansion off New Orleans, or wherever his official residence is.

Also, occupied Norfolk, VA? Where else have the British landed (or maybe even parachuted into)? And there are mentions of an Alsatian dissolution...
Very interesting, can't wait for more!
Nice update although it did add to the realism that the last paragraph or so was about refugees and how the Imperial countries were on board for military action, no one really wants to have to deal with the obvious consequence of refugees wanting to escape from warzones. See those "troublesome" people who share "Westralian values" and the Bahamas being 'swamped' by refugees. Rings very true.
Yikes, if the Imperial army is already facing partisan resistance in upstate New York, I can only imagine what will happen when they inevitably get to Appalachia and the parts of the South that support the government. I can totally see a few years into the conflict the Imperial army (or the army of whatever puppet state the Empire sets up in Appalachia) waging a brutal guerilla war against American loyalists resulting in napalm bombing of the dense forest and countless atrocities on both sides. On an unrelated note, does the Confederation bridge exist in this timeline and if so I imagine that it would be a major target for future American terrorist attacks.
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Did the US send special forces and volunteers to places to counter the UK in areas around the world in the past? Just like otl North Korea sends its special forces to aid a government or an insurgency? And what areas of the US have been hotbeds of protests, civil unrest and rare insurgencies even though in small areas and often crushed quickly? the segregated neighborhoods I presume? And has the US been involved in any wars at all or just squashing rebellions in the past?
This is my first comment on this thread (and on this forum, although I am a long-time lurker) and I wanted to say how very awed I am of this timeline and all your work, the use of news articles and social media posts give the world so much depth and life that it feels just as real as our own. My questions to you regard the Russian Empire.

Firstly, what is Russia doing during this war and crises? They made a social media post supporting the British, but as I understand it no military response has been made. Is Chia China their only real concern in the world at present?

Secondly, who are Russia's allies? I think you briefly mentioned somewhere that Russia had strong economic ties with Prussia and other countries in the German region, but are there others or is the Russian Empire on its own?

Thirdly and finally, what is the view of the Russian monarchy domestically and internationally? As I have understood it, Russia has a very liberal approach to the internet, is this true for their society at large and their view on the monarchy?

Thank you and I look forward to your future work, it has become a weekly highlight for me!
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Very very interesting as always, @CosmicAsh. It would seem on the surface at least that Australia's not too different from OTL-- still a vibrant democracy with close ties to the mother country. And TTL's Australia appears to have a far better stance on Aboriginal rights than our own-- always a plus.

What of Westralia, its cousin across the desert? I would love to see something from them soon.

And of course, the real question: how is the Emu Empire doing in this world?
Great work!
  • How does the Australian prime minister get selected? I assume that the elections for both State and Aboriginal parliaments are concurrent, but maybe with separate parties running in their own respective parliament.
  • What's the difference between the First Minister and Prime Minister?
  • What's the Roaring Age? And what circumstances led up to it?