These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

Now this is going to be very interesting to watch. I also like how we went from live updates in OFC being about new political parties being formed to live updates in TFS being about the Syrian Civil War on steroids and Larri Hogan’s latest international atrocities.
Readying myself for the Anglo-American War of 2021.

Which, all things considered will be relatively short, assuming the Empire doesn't intend to go deep to America. Though it's very likely that America will eat itself alive before any major deployments go inland.

Weirdly enough, I'm more fascinated by the terminology of alt-Twitter and "Admiral" than the ongoing conflict.

Actually, come to think of it, was any of this sanctioned by Hogan at all, or just a group of paranoid generals?

Actually actually, I'm more concerned on where that missile from Ireland is aiming for. Knowing it's "full empire response", I guess the Empire will pay back a thousandfold.
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This feels just as terrifying as an actual series of tweets IOTL... Hogan's (if it is actually Hogan) really shit the bed this time around.