These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

It's not. There is limited trade with the outside world, mostly just what they can manage to sell off to Europe and Africa. The country remains highly, highly isolated, and only has limited trade and interaction outside of its borders. Part of Hamiltonian Thought is for isolation, and economic security.
Based off of that description, I'm assuming Hamiltonian Thought is just whatever the higher-ups say it is?
Everyone, I give you what I feel would be an approximation of a typical news broadcast in the United States (Just imagine the anchor speaking American rather than Korean):
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How much is the pound worth relative to otl (or at least in comparison to other currencies) if the GDP of France is only 151 million and like 1500 pounds per person and it's still one of the largest in the world.


A new follower here, asking some things here
1. TTL USA is crazy and functions as a pariah state due to a OTL segregationist Congressman. Truly a dystopian horror that make Putin blush.
2. Did you have plans for Asian lore? If you have, I gladly want to contribute for it!

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Administrative Divisions of Prussia
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Beautiful as always, @CosmicAsh ! Just one question: with such convoluted borders, travel in the Germanies must be a major issue. Imagine having to get your passport checked and go through customs not once but twice or even three times, just to travel 100 miles or so. Would it be safe to assume there's some sort of neo-Zollverein providing for free trade or at least a unified infrastructure system amongst the different states?