These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

Why are the Newfoundland political leaders and parties all unified around the support of 'family planning'? Wouldn't have a typical population age structure(that is actually atypical in the modern world amongst developed countries) be actually a beneficial thing if you're a country deeply in debt that needs lots of people to work? It's not like Newfoundland is all that populated either, there should be plenty of room for emigration down to New England or Canada and remittences proping the country up.
The 1940s clause in the constitution that offered large families cash payments was done so in the worry that the fishing industry would collapse due to lack of workers. Unofrtunately, the fishing industry did collapse because of over-fishing and so now there's a lot of Newfoundlanders left jobless. Couple that with the statistic that more Newfoundlanders are born than die or emigrate, and there's suddenly a lot of incentive to have smaller families.
Kinsantinsuyu sees largest unrest in generations over proposed treaty with neighbouring Lima (BBC News: 7 October 2023)
Some things to keep in mind when looking at this article

Extent of Quechua and Aymara IRL 2017, after over a century of decline, over TFS border.


sidebar article from NJN 17 july 2022

Ah right… a Japanese intervention… very interesting.

I always forget there is a lot of lore on discord that we don’t see :coldsweat:

I am pretty sure Japanese military intervention in the Philippines has been mentioned in the thread before.

I am not certain if ever directly, but on the sidebar of news posts at least.
wait what happened in France?
In October 2, 2023...
  • The French legislature approved a bill to annex Luxembourg
  • Explosions rock government offices in Paris
  • President Marie Toussaint dissolves the legislature after a request by PM Bonaparte because he's anti-annexation of Luxembourg
  • French military tells other European countries to calm down because no territorial aggression is imminent and France would be Fine
  • The president issues a second decree authorizing a State of Emergency allowing the PM to make executive, legislative, and judicial decisions. The decree expires in a year
  • Bonaparte addresses the nation, basically stating the previous, but also a restriction on media and a strict 9pm curfew
  • He asks for the French people to place their faith in him as they found stability in his forebearers. He states that he would totally dedicate himself to the state and the people in it
  • He goes on about how the blood within him is the "very blood of the French nation itself" and that he alone can save France
  • Also goes on about liberating France from the system imposed upon them as it has led them to chaos
  • insert standard nationalistic rhetoric here
  • Boats to England jumped in primes to 6x the previous
  • Bonaparte will reconvene a new Parliament in the future and that governmental changes will be enacted in the coming weeks
so... fun stuff
I should say that this all came about in a live event last week in the Discord, and that's where I'm getting the data from
So he Hitlered quicker than Hitler. Fun times ahead.

Also the Welsh building stealing. I could see that happening so easily these days.
So he Hitlered quicker than Hitler. Fun times ahead.

Also the Welsh building stealing. I could see that happening so easily these days.
Not... exactly. Again, what Kibbutznik said, that the effort to annex Luxembourg was by his own party, Equipe Bonaparte. This seems to be a matter of reining in who he deems to be extremists (as he has done with the party Memory of 1789) who don't align with his vision for France. In this case, any further annexations beyond Alsace (which was basically just French in all but name) seems to be... not in the best interests of Bonaparte, who wants more than anything to preserve the stability of France and get it to prosper once again.

The way I see it, things are practically going to be a one-man show in France and everyone just has to get along with it or get jailed.
Do the people of Luxembourg wish to rejoin France?
Well, from the sidebars of BBC articles, it suggests that a pro-French group has taken over Luxembourg, and that the Prime Minister is all for Luxembourgian independence. Probably a coup of sorts which Bonaparte doesn't want to involve himself with lest he draw the ire of the rest of Europe