The NextGen OTL Worlda Series

Manchuria, Mengjiang, and the peripheral area, 1941:
Manchuria, Mengjiang, and the peripheral area, 1941:

Yellow: Japan and puppets
Pink: Chinese Red Army
Darker green: Kuomintang
Lighter green: Ma Clique
Red: Soviet Union and puppets
White: Yan Xishan's faction
@hadaril There are some other issues with the 1688 map but this is just a simple one that doesn't require any border changes. Corsica is mistakenly painted as Spanish in the 1688 map but Corsica was a Genoese possession at the time. So Corsica should be recolored to reflect Genoese ownership rather than Spanish.
Hadaril's NextGen OTL Worlda Maps

This project is a complete modernization of the multiple OTL Worlda's floating around the forums and the wiki. Previously, our collection of worlda's was a haphazard mess of maps, most of which were completely antiquated (Rectangular base maps, anyone?). Almost every OTL map was built on a different edition of the blank Worlda, utilizing a disjointed mess of color schemes ranging from UCS to TACOS. Borders were all over the place, in many cases wildly inaccurate, and in every case highly inconsistent with the rest of the Worlda's. For example, the Czech border, which has remained (for the most part) unchanged since the 1100's, was drawn differently on almost every worlda.

The NextGen Worlda Series cleans up this mess. In this series:
  • All maps are drawn on the most recent edition of the blank worlda
  • Utilize a standard and consistent color scheme (Dubbed the "NextGen Color Scheme", NCS for short)
  • Borders remain consistent and accurate over time.
Of course, not all Worlda maps could be salvaged. The first generation of worldas was built on the rectangular worlda, which is so wildly far off from the modern version that updating them would require tremendous work. Some years were simply omitted due to redundency (ex: having a 1100 AD and a 1115 AD map).

Blank Worlda's and Resources
Blank Worlda
Blank Europe
Rivers Map
NCS Color Scheme
.PSD blank map with editable labels

Before Christ
3100 BC
2500 BC
1350 BC
323 BC
250 BC
100 BC

Classical Era
1 AD
117 AD
150 AD
200 AD
250 AD
300 AD
400 AD
476 AD

Medieval Era
500 AD
565 AD
600 AD
650 AD
710 AD
750 AD
814 AD
843 AD
900 AD
962 AD
1000 AD
1066 AD
1115 AD
1150 AD
1200 AD
1250 AD
1300 AD
1350 AD

Early Modern Era
1400 AD
1444 AD
1500 AD
1550 AD
1600 AD
1648 AD
1688 AD
1700 AD
1715 AD
1748 AD

Revolutionary & Modern Era
1776 AD
1803 AD
1806 AD
1812 AD
1815 AD
1848 AD
1861 AD
1885 AD
1900 AD
1910 AD

First World War
1914 AD
1915 AD
1916 AD
1917 AD
1918 AD

1919 AD
1920 AD
1932 AD
1936 AD
1939 AD

Second World War
1940 AD
1941 AD
1942 AD
1943 AD
1944 AD
1945 AD

Cold War Era
1946 AD
1960 AD
1962 AD
1970 AD
1980 AD

Millennium Dawn
1992 AD
2000 AD
2017 AD
2020 AD
2021 AD


Many thanks to:..
- Salem for their help on the 1648 map
- Viralworld for his 1748 & 1848 maps
- Bob Hope for his 1803 & 1806 maps, as well as his 1812 corrections.
- All the wonderful feedback from everyone on this thread!
- The Maps and Flags discord for feedback, advice, and corrections!
- ST15RM for his work on the pre-0 AD maps.
- Thanosaekk for his WW1 Maps.
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Was really busy with finals through may, and I was out of town the first week of summer vacation. I'm back now, looking through the thread and adding revisions this week. I'll be free to work on stuff all day thursday, so expect updates then.