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  1. WI: Oswald Lives

    Sirhan Sirhan was sentenced to Death. His sentence, and those of EVERY OTHER convict awaiting execution in California was converted to Life in Prison after the California Supreme Court handed down v Anderson in 1972 (shortly before the SCOTUS Furman decision stopped ALL executions nationwide)...
  2. USN Defends the Pueblo

    Probably the closest comparative we have is the USS Liberty incident which occurred almost exactly six months earlier. In that case both U.S. carriers in the region launched their "Alert 5" aircraft (8 from the Sara and 4 from USS America) although they were recalled short of the attack area...
  3. What if America fell into the "trouble" like Northren Ireland in 1960s and 70s?

    Reality is that African American population was too small ( historically only about 10-12% of the population since 1900) and only a tiny fraction of that group was anywhere close to radicalized. Also, stating the obvious, African-Americans are, in general, distinctive from the White population...
  4. It's Space Time on Earth

    Nixon didn't really hate the Space Program. The simple reality is that after Apollo 14 (and that mission only caught the public's attention thanks to the near disaster of Apollo 13 the public sort of lost interest.
  5. How hard was it to develop a nuclear power plant or engine?

    Construction is about a 40. Obtaining sufficient fissile material for anything but a "proof of concept" project without the support of a VERY wealthy government, with the ability to supply ludicrous amounts of electrical power is the problem. That effort absent a Bomb level project, is about a 400.
  6. What if the recent assassination attempt on Donald Trump would have been successful?

    Closed per posted policy regarding Current Politics outside of Chat.
  7. AHC: Programming continues to be seen as "women's work"

    Strike three. You're Out
  8. Early space flight--how early can we reasonably go?

    14 YEARS? On purpose. Oh, HELL no! Kicked for a week
  9. The Blue Girl

    You ever do this again and you will leave nothing on this site except a vapor trail.
  10. The Blue Girl

    What THE F###!!!! Locked.
  11. What needs to change about WWI to have these be the borders after the war?

    Well, that is rather the point of the thread is it not? Any Central Powers Victory would require, at minimum, for Paris to be taken by the Germans. Otherwise you wind up with OTL, where the addition of U.S. money and eventually troops breaks the stalemate.
  12. What needs to change about WWI to have these be the borders after the war?

    I don't disagree. The Kaiser however, very much would. That was the entire point of his "our place in the Sun" obsession. Blame it on family rivalry, or the fact he had a crippled arm, or plain old greed, but Willie wanted his colonies, and France was the best way to gather some.
  13. What needs to change about WWI to have these be the borders after the war?

    Wouldn't matter. We already know the consequences of an Entente victory. Central Powers win and the Ottomans grab as much of Greece, the Southern Balkans and the Caucasus as they can (possibly with an eye on the Crimea as well), with the rest going to AH. AH and the Ottomans hoover up bits and...
  14. The Footprint of Mussolini - TL

    Use of ChatGTP or ANY OTHER AI in the creation of AH content her is SPECIFICALLY prohibited.
  15. Jewish state in the Americas? Pre-1900? Which locations?

    Don't Troll or flamebait. Someone with 11 prior actions should know that. They should also be aware of the fact that the days of members with 25 actions before the Hammer, are pretty much in the past. See ya' in Seven
  16. Kriegsmarine behaves like HSF

    Stakes on the House!
  17. WI the Philippines turned communist in the 1960s?

    I'm not conversant enough with Philippine Law from the era to say.
  18. WI the Philippines turned communist in the 1960s?

    The Mindanao Communist Revolt.
  19. Kriegsmarine behaves like HSF

    Problem, of course, is that without the concern over surface raiders, RN heavy forces are not scattered all over Hell and Gone. There is a Squadron in the Med to deal with the Italian Fleet should it come out. and the rest is waiting for Jutland 2.0. By the time Tirpitz is worked up the...