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  • Cuchulainn


  • Hello, i am a fairly recent member of & browsing through the forums i came across your NIKE! Story.
    It seemed to stop in mid flow, so excuse me for asking but is it dead, to be resurrected, or does it continue in some place i don't know off.
    Yours sincerely, John.
  • Simeon


  • I cannot write his biography (yet). You can write that.


    Adalbert Drumpf - Governor of Africa, Grandfather to father's side
    Albrecht Drumpf - his illegitimate son, recognized, owner of Drumpf Grocer in Lagos; father of Ismael, divorced from Olobunmi, getting the custody of Ismael
    Olobunmi Omolulu - mother of Ismael, devout muslim, separated from Ismael
  • Simeon


  • Gunther "Ismael X" Drumpf
    Gunther Drumpf, November 8, 1916, Lagos, German Yoruba
    Albrecht Drumpf
    Christian Deism (upon birth), Islam (converted 1937)
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